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I’ve been a native Fairfax County resident for more than fifty-nine years and I’ve lived in Sully District since 1987.

Just like other county residents, I have felt the pain caused by the County Board of Supervisors’ decisions to raise taxes year after year. The board seems to think that every resident’s checkbook is open for them to take our money. After 8 years of our current Sully District Supervisor’s decisions, a change is needed and it’s time for that to change now! 

I am not a politician. I am a concerned citizen just like you, a Sully resident who is willing and able to raise your concerns to the county board and be your advocate. 

In 2004, when I went through a divorce, that year I found God. Through His Church I was able to pull through a very hard time. I got involved in the Church and have lead Men’s Bible Studies and Student Bible Studies. I found that there is power in prayer, and I will be praying during this whole campaign, for everyone involved and for my opponent. God the Creator created us with two ears, and I plan on using them every day to hear and understand your concerns. That is something I have heard my opponent does not do very well.

As a faithful man, husband, father and active volunteer leader, I know that many Sully residents do not believe that their concerns are being heard and addressed by our board. That’s why I look forward to hearing your stories and learning your opinions about important issues of this County. 


I was born and raised in McLean and moved to Centreville in 1987, so I have seen the tremendous growth that has occurred in the neighborhoods, homes, and apartments in our district. These dramatic changes have taken place without an apparent vision or plan which would promote and protect our community. 

The never-ending construction on I-66 and other major thoroughfares are aggravating. Additionally, I know there has been field shortages for youth sports programs and schools became too small, so kids have classrooms in trailers. Was there ever a vision to address the need for expansion of the infrastructure, schools and amenities in the district? Don’t you agree that the board of supervisors should anticipate increased demand for our recreational, cultural offerings, increased traffic and more children in our schools. There should be better planning for infrastructure and facilities, better planning to accommodate new families, better planning for recreational needs for our kids and more options for our kids who want to pursue theatre, arts, or gymnastics.  

Instead of planning and saving for needed changes, our board just continues to ask for bonds to pay for capital improvements and other projects. Then, in order to pay for these added costs plus the construction, they have to raise our taxes even higher!  

This won’t stop until people are elected to the board who can find ways to cut back on non-essential spending and other items that do not make sense—such as giving themselves pay raises of 30%!

In addition to poor planning and increasing the tax burden on citizens, the board is not doing enough to support our teachers, fire and rescue personnel, or police. Click the “Issues” tab for more information about my solutions on these issues.

Change has to start now!

Vote for me, and I will do everything possible to bring responsibility, joy, and a community spirit to the Sully district!

Support Our CAMPAIGN

I sincerely appreciate your confidence in my campaign, and I will do my best to ensure that every dollar donated will be spent wisely, just as I say to reduce wasteful spending by the County. Having said that, we have an uphill battle ahead of us and we will need all the financial support you can give.
Thank you for your support!


Fight Rising Taxes

Our Real Estate Property Taxes have risen faster than inflation and incomes since 2000. The Current Board has a spending problem. 30% increase in salaries and they voted to give $750 per month to 180 individuals for 15 months and not require them to use it for something that would improve their abilities for better employment i.e., getting a tech degree and or paying for childcare if they are going back to school for training for some career.


In 2016 the county voted down a tax increase for meals. In 2020 the State Legislature voted to allow local jurisdictions to raise taxes on meals up to 10%. The county could not change the tax until this year, and they would never do that in an election year. They will do it next year unless you vote for me. I will fight to eliminate the unfair car tax, it will be phased out.


They are undermanned, overworked, under-supported, and highly stressed, we need the strongest police force so our county and our communities can flourish. No one will want to move back or stay in a county with crime rising as it has in Fairfax. The Board of Supervisors needs to use its platform to have the Commonwealth Attorney prosecute crimes and do his part in protecting our businesses and citizens.

Land Use Issues

We need common sense land development; No data centers next to our communities or adjacent to our streams that feed our water resource; no sports tourism along dangerous roads and communities like the one being discussed at Halifax Park; Adopt the noise airport noise contours from 2019 not using old ones that don't reflect the growth of Dulles Airport. Your current Supervisor chairs the Land Use Committee, would you say she has done a good job as the chair? I say NO! She has led by just giving more concessions to developers and approved everything without any thought to having certain areas set aside for different types of living i.e., planned urban developments incorporating all types of housing so everyone could afford to buy a home. After 8 years as your supervisor, Kathy has yet to decide or do anything for the Historic Centreville District. Day one I would work to appoint a task group to work with the Historic Centreville Society and Friends of Historic Centreville to study what other jurisdictions have done and come up with a concept to be built there!

The Great Migration

Migration of residents out of the County has eroded our tax base; Based on AGI of Filed Tax Returns for the IRS the County had $14B less in Adjusted Gross Incomes. That reflects an eroding tax base affecting all of us. Charts are from


As your Supervisor, I will work to appoint an Auditing firm to do a line-by-line review of the financials and mark out non-essential spending so that we can then make some hard decisions on whether they should be expenses on the taxpayers.


How can our once top 3 county in-school scores be going down? Scores are down, yet we are spending more per pupil than ever before. Good schools can ensure our kids are prepared for their futures. The Board of Supervisors needs to use its platform to make sure the School Board and Superintendent are doing their jobs teaching our kids, reading, writing, math, and other courses at early ages, not their ideologies.


We cannot have a task group and invite firms or individuals with a stake in it to determine changes in our zoning. For example, for Parking Reimagined, developers were part of the task group reducing parking at Condo and HOA properties. Developers want less parking and more units to maximize their profits. They should have included Association Management Firms, Association Attorneys, and Association Board Members. Another poor decision of Kathy Smith.


The residents of Fairfax County need a place to go to register a complaint if they have one. I would work towards having a department of an Ombudsman. With an Ombudsman, residents would have someone to go to raise questions about processes, meetings, and other county issues.


Electing a supervisor who will listen and fight for the needs of Sully residents will take a lot of hard work, volunteer support and financial support.

If you can carve out a few hours every week to volunteer, that would be awesome. Sign up here to help with Keith’s `campaign. 

If you can give to the campaign, I promise to use the money wisely. If you don’t have a lot, give a little, if you have a lot give a lot😊

Anything you can do will not go unnoticed and it is a great honor to have you supporting this campaign in any way you can!

As a faithful man, I commit to run a campaign based on issues, focused on the needs of residents. Join me in praying for this election for the County I have loved and lived in my whole life! 

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