Why Here? Why Now? Why Me?

The problem

About two years ago, I noticed many changes in the school curricula at FCPS, and I heard many friends who were also teachers express their frustrations about these changes so I began thinking about ways that we could better protect students, as well as provide them with stronger foundations in subjects of reading, writing, math, science and history. In addition, I believe that changes in teachers’ pay scales and benefits are long overdue. Educators are tasked with a huge responsibility to educate and prepare our kids for the future, so they need to be given all the tools they require to effectively teach our kids for the future. Test scores are going down and I think it is in a large part due to the negligence of the County Board of Supervisors and the School Board. Let’s fix this problem together!

During this past year, I have heard that police officers are leaving our county because they believed they were not getting adequate support from their leadership. They are also paid much less than what other officers earn in the surrounding counties which is why we are now short more than 200 officers. Many police officers have left the force due to low morale, little support, and poor pay. With these issues crime is raising each year and even worse prosecutions of these crimes is lower. How can that be? Again, I think it is due to the negligence of the Board of Supervisors and not making this a priority. Let’s fix this and protect our communities and citizens of Fairfax!

As a county resident, I noticed when my home property tax assessments for my home in 2023 went up by 35% —this after an increase of 15% in 2022! These assessment increases have added thousands of dollars to my own expenses. For all county residents, these increases reduce our ability to save money or spend it according to our family needs.  

Then, in March, the board decided to give themselves a pay raise of 30%, meanwhile only approving a 3% increase to all employees and not much more for teachers and police officers.

Where are the priorities of the current Board of Supervisors?

Something is terribly wrong here!

Do ordinary citizens typically get a pay increase of more than 30%? No. Yet, our board members gave themselves that dramtic pay raise while the salary increase awarded to county employees, teachers, and police officers don’t even keep up with inflation!

The solution

So over the past few years, I have felt this calling to step up and be an instrument of change. As a man of faith, I know it is important to answer one’s calling, so I am running for Sully District Supervisor.

I believe that there is an unmatched strength in the residents of Chantilly, Centreville, and Herndon, and I want to bring everyone to the table to discuss the challenges facing our county.  

A great leader works to seek solutions with the help of others—not on their own. If you elect me to be your Supervisor, I promise to listen, seek solutions, and advocate for you. I will offer you accountability and access as your voice in Fairfax County. 

As your representative, I will support the residents of Sully in the following ways:







Police Officers



A) Apartments built in single-family homes will bring greater density to your community and more kids in already over-crowded schools;
B) Home-based business will add more vehicle traffic on the streets, more deliveries and more drain on services. We need to protect and preserve our wonderful communities and not overcrowd them anymore;
C) I believe we should get our kids outside to play more and not fear all the new traffic and parked cars on the roads.


Miscellaneous (other concerns I have heard about from Residents):

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